I am a freelance journalist and broadcaster, specialising in entertainment and music, based in the Midlands. I graduated from the BA (Hons) Music Journalism and Broadcasting course at Staffordshire University in July 2014, with a Second Class Honours: First Division.

On this page you can read a bit about me. Maybe you want to know a bit about myself and/or my experience. Maybe you have a thirst for miscellaneous knowledge. Maybe you’re making a really niche quiz for your friends. In any case, my bio is below.

Missing Andy

Me with Sky One’s Must Be The Music finalists Missing Andy (and a complimentary photobomber) after an interview and show in 2012.

Music is a lifelong passion of mine, with much of my teen years spent being a closet rockstar – a pretty standard dream at that age. I would spend hours recording and editing, becoming well acquainted with the type of DAWs and editing software (mainly Audacity) that continue to serve me well today.

My first experience in media came when I completed a week-long work placement at Wolverhampton’s youth-oriented radio station Kic FM. Here my roles were largely research based, with the occasional venturing into presenting. It was through this placement that I fell in love with the fast-moving, high-pressure but ever-enjoyable environment of a media outlet.

Studying music journalism and broadcasting helped me to develop what I had learned at my placement. During my three years of study I developed as a journalist/writer and as a broadcaster, both for radio and television. The hands-on approach to the course meant that I gained a lot of practical and technical knowledge, such as how to operate equipment and edit content.

In May 2013, I became a part of the management team of Staffordshire University’s student radio station One Media Group (or OMG Staffs… we didn’t choose the name). I served as station assistant, which would be a technical name for safety net. I did a range of jobs to help keep the station running smoothly, from helping with Myriad system training of new members to conducting quality control on broadcast content.

I had been involved with the station for a year before this, as a presenter of two weekly shows and a journalist for the website. Examples of my written work can be found on the OMG Staffs page.

Alongside university I worked with a number of publications to produce high quality articles. These publications can be found listed in the Journalism drop-down tab at the top of this page (go on, have a look – you know you’re curious). I also operated on a freelance basis, and this work can also be found in the Journalism tab.

In October 2012 I created a music blog called Fresh Beats for a university module. Fresh Beats focuses on new and upcoming artists, aiming to help people find their “future favourite artists“. This required me to research, source and produce content; conduct interviews; professionally operate social media and to learn about SEO. I also incorporated a multimedia element to the blog, taking full advantage of my skillset to produce regular podcasts and audio content.

I obtained a placement at Wolverhampton City Radio (WCRFM) between April and July 2013 as part of my degree, where I operated as a member of their news team. This role had me rewriting press kits, either into readouts for presenters (which were then put onto the station’s intranet so presenters had access while on air) or into on-air bulletins (which I recorded a number of – these can be found in the ‘radio‘ tab). I also researched stories for the station from external sources and conducted interviews.

In November 2013, I spent a week in PR for the Douglas Macmillan Hospice in Stoke-on-Trent. My role had me writing up press kits for the Hospice, contacting individuals for quotes and contributing towards creative discussions.

Since graduating from Staffordshire University in July 2014, I continued to operate on a freelance basis for a variety of publications including the Guardian Media Group-owned Contributoria (paid). Alongside this I worked as a Full-Time Carer for a disabled person and set up a YouTube channel so that I could develop my skills in video recording/editing, while also (predominately) gaining some experience in games journalism.
All while still managing to maintain Fresh Beats and completing a work placement with BBC Radio Stoke (November 2014)!

Since June 2015, I’ve worked a temporary Account Executive at technical PR agency Stone Junction PR. It started as a three month internship and we’re currently entering month seven… let that speak for itself!

But I’m always happy to take on a few more freelance things! If you would like to contact me about doing some work for you, feel free to do so – there’s a contact page on the bar at the top of this page with all my details on.


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