Fresh Beats 365

Fresh Beats 365 (formerly simply ‘Fresh Beats’) is a blog I created for a module in my second year of study at Staffordshire University. The blog focuses on promoting new music and bringing new artists to a whole new audience. In August 2014, I turned the blog into a site.

The site runs features, interviews and reviews. I also hosted a few hour-long radio shows on OMG Staffs (Staffordshire University’s student radio station) during 2013, and have produced the occasional online broadcast since September 2014 according to popularity.

All content on the site is currently sourced and written by myself, except where specified as I have recently taken on material from fellow journalists. All audio recordings are recorded and edited by myself.

In March 2015 I trialled creating an interactive gig map for the site. This served as a ‘What’s On’ for gigs that I was notified of, delivered in a layered Google Map so that viewers could find their nearest gigs and check out new music (with links to the artist’s music). All accompanying promotional images were produced by myself.

A few examples of the work available on the blog are found at the links below:


Blackstar is everything you should avoid

‘Bandstand’ interview with Ryan Stanton (The Assist)

Exclusive live performance: The Lines

Interview with Youtube hit Vennu Mallesh

Emma’s Imagination ‘Stand Still’ album review



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