OMG Staffs

One Media Group is Staffordshire University’s student media group and radio station. During my second and third years of study, I was actively involved with the group – becoming a member of management in my third year. Though much of my work for OMG Staffs was radio-based, I also produced written material for the site.

Examples of my work for the publication can be found below. As the site is cleared of graduate work on a yearly basis, the links lead to a personal blog containing the articles.


Julie Hawk – ‘The Value Of Gold’ Single Review

The Ramona Flowers – ‘Dismantle And Rebuild’ Single Review

The Blackout – ‘Start The Party’ Single Review

Slender: The Arrival (Beta) Game Review

Timekode – ‘Moxieminx’ EP Review

Bastille – ‘Flaws’ Single Review

Aliens: Colonial Marines Game Review

Bat For Lashes – ‘All Your Gold’ Single Review

The Enemy – ‘This Is Real’ Single Review

Bob Mould – ‘Silver Age’ Album Review

Slender: The Eight Pages Game Review


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