Skills and Abilities

IT Skills
I have experience using most office software (Microsoft Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, Apache OpenOffice, etc), audio editing/workshop software (Audacity, Acoustica Mixcraft 6, Apple Garageband X), video editing software (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Movavi Video Editor), Photoshop (Pixlr, Adobe Photoshop), email interfaces (Apple Mail, MS Outlook) and P-Squared Myriad. I’m also confident and proficient with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and WordPress.

I worked with the rest of the management team of One Media Group to make sure the station ran as smoothly as possible during our time in charge. This involved communicating and liaising with other members of the team. I also worked as part of the news team for Wolverhampton City Radio, which involved a lot of communication with other news members and presenters.

Most of the interviews I have conducted were sourced entirely by me, and a lot of the work I completed throughout my degree was through my own initiative. I also set up, sourced and provided all content for Fresh Beats, to moderate success, since September 2012.

Research Skills
All research for interviews, radio shows and print pieces was completed by myself through various means (magazines, the internet, etc). Also worked as a Student Academic Partner for my university’s student’s union, researching high profile individuals on their behalf and compiling a report of my findings.

All article ideas were created by me, requiring me to think creatively about topics to provide a fresh angle. I also exercised creativity in my role with Final Note, pitching and following through with the idea of audio content for the blog. With Fresh Beats, my creativity drove me to create the interactive gig map.

I have a lot of experience in audio editing, coming from my time with One Media Group as a presenter and also producing podcasts for Fresh Beats. I’m also experienced in video editing, having to creatively edit videos for my YouTube channel, and photoshop from using it extensively to create promotional images for Fresh Beats and Youtube thumbnails.


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